Funding in Action

Your Contributions Have Impact

One of the most rewarding aspects of contributing to the NAILBA Charitable Foundation is seeing the difference your donation is making. The Foundation is now in our second decade of planting seeds of change in the lives of needy and sick children and their families.

Your gift lasts a lifetime. Can we count on you to make a difference this year? Below is a sampling of some of the feedback the Foundation has received.


The Foundation staff was very moved when we received this letter from a child who is a cancer survivor and teen ambassador for the Brain Tumor Foundation for Children. Their grant was sponsored by James Meaders, of NAILBA member agency National Insurance Brokerage.

The Alexander Leigh Center for Autism, whose grant was sponsored by Dan Umansky of NAILBA member agency The Life Insurance, recently shared with us the success of the program we helped fund to purchase technology and other equipment to assist their students and staff. It is truly heart-warming to see those kids succeed in communicating and learning with the help of our grant.

Fresno Survivors of Suicide LossFresno Survivors of Suicide and Loss, sponsored by Jess Wardwell of CPS Impact, used their grant to host a forum for high school kids to design and develop goals and activities that would be used as part of a youth council on suicide prevention. Their pre- and post-event surveys show a quantifiable difference in the level of education and awareness that is so encouraging. They couldn’t have done it without your grant funding.

We made a significant difference in 2011 to Children’s Oncology Services, and their One Step Camp. You can see in the short video here the wonderful services provided by this deserving organization, and the happy faces of the kids who were able to participate in last year’s camp. The Foundation's $17,000 grant helped to support the One Step at a Time Summer Camp for children diagnosed with cancer.

Grantee Brain Tumor Foundation for Children enjoyed a picnic in May, and took a moment to recognize the Foundation's contributions to their continued success.  In 2011, the $17,000 grant provided by the Foundation in support of the Butterfly Fund provided emergency financial assistance for families of children diagnosed with brain and spinal cord cancer. Grant funding was used to assist families with general living expenses and other items that are not covered by health insurance.

Beginning In 2008, the NAILBA Charitable Foundation honored one of its founders, J. William Felton, III by naming a foundation grant in his honor. The 2011 Felton Grant was awarded to a most deserving organization, Orange County Foundation for Oncology Children and Families (OCF-OCF). Thanks to the support of donors and grant funding from the NAILBA Charitable Foundation, OCF-OCF provides support activities, free of charge, to pediatric cancer patients and their families who live or receive treatment in Orange County. To see more of what they do, watch the video they shared at NAILBA 30 here.

The Center for Independence Through Conductive Education received a $10,000 grant from the NAILBA Charitable Foundation in 2010; their grant application was endorsed by NAILBA member Karen Knippen at Euclid Managers. The Center's mission is to educate children with physical disabilities to optimize their physical, cognitive and social independence. Conductive Education is a unique, intensive group method of special education combined with physical and occupational therapy.

The support that the Center received from NAILBA helps them to serve all children, regardless of income or insurance limitations. An example is Charlotte, a bright, inquisitive and happy 4-year old girl. Charlotte was born 13 weeks early and as a result, suffered a brain hemorrhage which resulted in cerebral palsy. Sadly, like many of the children the Center serves, Charlotte’s health insurance provider limits her therapy to $2,000 per year, which is approximately 16 visits per year, or less than 1½ hours per month. While limited, intermittent therapy may be effective for a child with a broken arm or sprained leg, it is not effective for a child like Charlotte who must “learn” how to perform everyday tasks most of us take for granted.

Since starting the program, Charlotte has learned to sit independently, is able to eat with a fork, has learned how to take her shoes off and can now take steps with her walker independently! The Center is thrilled with her progress and so are her parents! By next year, Charlotte is expected to be strong and independent enough to enter a mainstream kindergarten.

The generous support from NAILBA members and corporate partners ensures the full participation of over 125 children with physical disabilities, regardless of income limitations or lack of insurance.