Our Mission

In a time when competition for grant money is fierce, the NAILBA Charitable Foundation is dedicated to providing funding to community-based charities and non-profit organizations nationwide.

The NAILBA Charitable Foundation is the philanthropic arm of the Association. Since 2002, NAILBA Charitable Foundation grants have helped to give blind children the gift of 'sight', create whimsical rooms for desperately sick children, provide hope to homeless mothers and children, and ultimately achieve its mission of making dreams come true for those less fortunate.

The mission of the NAILBA Charitable Foundation is to encourage volunteerism among NAILBA members and provide grant funds to worthy charitable organizations that serve to enhance the quality of life for those less fortunate, with a special emphasis on children.  

NAILBA Matching Gift Program 

National Brokerage Agencies, Foundation Board President Robin Landers, and Foundation Board member Scott Weilage are committed to improving the lives of others, especially those in our local communities. 

How? By contributing to the NAILBA Charitable Foundation and by sponsoring grants for the neighborhood charities we love. NBA will match member contributions up to $2,500, and Robin will match contributions over that, up to $1,000, bringing the total amount eligible to be matched to $3,500. Our $3,500 plus your $3,500 = a huge boost to the local charities supported by NAILBA Foundation grants. Last year, we raised $12,000. What can we do this year? 

Download the 2019 Matching Gift Application today!

Grant Applications and Recipients 

Grant Applications are mailed to NAILBA members and our valued corporate partners in the spring and the deadline to submit a completed grant application is Wednesday, July 31, 2019.  Download the 2019 Grant Application today!