Future in Financial Services (FFS) Scholarship & Internship Program  

Maximize the Industry’s Future Talent in Your Organization

As the insurance industry and workforce continue to evolve, talent recruitment, development and retention are becoming increasingly important. To cover the pending talent gap, young insurance professionals must be hired to replace every currently employed insurance professional.

Financial institutions continue to churn advisors, losing 8–20% every year and replacing them, only to lose a similar amount the following year. The net effect is barely any growth in advisor headcount, despite growing opportunities in the institution’s client base.

What’s more, recent studies show that less than 4% of people born between 1981 and 1997 would even consider working in insurance. With this group forecast to make up 75% of the global workforce by 2025, this is an alarming statistic about the state of the industry.

In response, the NAILBA Charitable Foundation has expanded its reach to create the Future in Financial Services (FFS) Scholarship & Internship Program — to help secure the future of the industry by attracting and developing tomorrow’s workforce.

The mission of the Program is to bring fresh, diverse talent into insurance distribution by way of scholarships and internships with NAILBA member agencies and partners.

The FFS Program will launch in 2022 with a focus on awarding scholarships to high-performing college students who demonstrate the potential to excel as a leader and contributors in the insurance distribution sector.

Beginning in 2023, NCF will expand the FFS Program to include the active recruitment and placement of interns at NAILBA member agencies and partner organizations — and the funding of those FFS Program internships via grants.

As the insurance industry and workforce continue to evolve, talent recruitment, development and retention are becoming increasingly important. To cover the pending talent gap, young insurance professionals must be hired to replace every currently employed insurance professional. 

FFS Scholarship Eligibility Criteria:

• Enrolled full-time in a bachelor’s or associates degree program at an accredited education institution
• Entering sophomore, junior or senior year
• In good academic standing with their college or university (minimum of a 3.0 GPA)
• Nominated by a NAILBA member agency or industry partner

2022 FFS Scholarship Application COMING SOON.

The NAILBA Charitable Foundation will rely entirely on contributions from individuals, corporations, and foundations to support this initiative. To learn how YOU can help, please contact Executive Director, Kelly Maheu, at [email protected] or DONATE NOW.


NAILBA Charitable Foundation President Jim Sorebo announces the launch of the Future in
Financial Services Scholarship & Internship Program during the Mooers Awards Dinner at NAILBA 40.